CASA DELLA SETERIA SIRONI - AFFITTACAMERE - Via Ottone Calcinara, 6 - 15057 Tortona (AL)


The architectural and scenic beauty of Garbagna were already noted along with its antique furniture craftsmanship and its famous “Bella di Garbagna" (Garbagnian Beauty) cherry plantations. However, in 2015, the town officially became a member of “Italy's most beautiful towns”.
The Renaissance square houses the Doria Building and San Rocco Oratory, built around 1580, after the devastating plague epidemic, featuring splendid frescoed facades by Giovan Battista Carlone(1603-1684).
There are four chestnut trees at the centre, planted in 1853, and in the middle there's an arch, in memory of an ancient water fountain that supplied the whole town.

On the 16th of August, the festival of Saint Rocco is celebrated at the San Rocco Oratory, including a traditional night time procession and magical cornucopia of cakes donated by the faithful. On the last Sunday of August, internationally famous organists hold a concert in the Church of Saint John the Beheaded Baptist (the town's saint patron), built in 1714. In fact, the church is home to a remarkable organ from the seventeenth century, as well as important works of art like the painting “The Baptism of Christ” by Guglielmo Caccia, known as The Moncalvo (1568-1625).

The Castle is located above the actual town centre and is the perfect location for a stroll and panoramic view. A medieval complex built in the ninth century, it still bears its original lookout towers, main entrance door and old city walls.
Our Lady of the Lake Sanctuary emerges upstream from the town area, by Fiega Lake. This building transports us back to unsettled times, the battles between Guelfi and Ghibellini.

Stories say it was during those years of conflict, (1341 to be precise) that Our Lady appeared to a mute-since-birth shepherdess. She promised the people long-lasting peace if they erected a church in her honour, in that exact location. The people began building a chapel and miraculously peace returned to the land, transforming it into a place of pilgrimage. Every third Friday of May the Sanctuary's main festival take place, along with a glorious procession.